picture of July 15, 2021

This is a cat that sometimes comes around my apartment. I think this cat is dark gray, but in certain light, this cat looks black. There is another cat that comes around the apartment, a black cat, and sometimes I mix the cats up, but I think this cat is the gray one. The gray cat has a smaller, pointier face than the black cat.

The gray cat used to come by every day, but the gray cat got scared of my cat when I moved in. My cat, very loving to humans she knows but is very intense when it comes to other cats, saw this gray cat walking by through the window a few times, and my cat lunged and batted at the windows and hissed a lot.

My cat is gray and white and looks like the gray cat if the gray cat got dabbed with a brush soaked with white paint. They are so similar, but my cat just won’t give the gray cat a chance.

The gray cat finds other ways of passing by the apartment, like walking on the fence. Sometimes I’ve seen the gray cat pass unnoticed by my cat. One time the gray cat looked at me through the window as my cat was curled asleep on the bed. I liked looking at the gray cat through the window. I felt seen in a distanced kind of way.

Yesterday I heard chirping sounds. I looked to the window, and I saw an old raccoon walked by the window, followed by a baby (or least very young and small) raccoon. I have seen the old raccoon before. It walks slowly and with a waddle.

Maybe the old raccoon is not that old. Maybe I can’t guess raccoon ages well, but I interpret the old raccoon as old. Anyway, the baby raccoon made more chirping sounds as it walked.

My cat, who is curious about raccoons but also has hissed at raccoons, went up to the window and watched. She did not hiss this time. I felt like progress had been made, and I felt hopeful about the future.