Picture of November 22, 2020

There is a Chinese restaurant near where I live. The restaurant is from an older era of Chinese restaurants. The people who I often see going to these restaurants are usually older, as well. Their skin is often pale. Around here, older eras of Chinese restaurants often have bars and have neon signs with the name of beer brands in the windows. I can’t remember what beer brands are listed in the windows of this restaurant. Maybe Coors. Maybe Heineken, too. There is a neon sign that says COCKTAILS, too. I think there might be a martini glass involved.

The people who go to this restaurant usually drive to the restaurant. At least, that is what it seems to me. There is street parking as well as a parking lot. I think that someone who owns or co-owns the restaurant or at least is at the restaurant often really likes cars. There is a rotating set of cars, mostly sports cars, that park in the parking lot. Maybe it is more than one person who owns these cars, but they usually have distinguishing elements that make them look like they are owned by the same person. There is one yellow sports car that really sticks out in my mind, but I don’t remember the model or make. I have looked at the makes of these cars before, but I forget what they are. I’m not really into cars. If I was really rich and wanted a car, I’d get a Prius, but it’d look like a blocky car from the 1980s.

The distinguishing elements of these cars is that they have very cute squishy things in them. They also usually have a sticker on them that looks like what the car looks like. I enjoy looking at the things inside the cars.

It is sort of like if I could see inside the brain of a body builder who has been training for many years and maybe competes in shows or something. I think that some body builders do that (compete in shows). I would expect the mind to maybe look like steel or marble. I’m not saying that the brain would be very fast or efficient or anything like that. What I’m saying is that I would expect the brain to be sculptural or bio-hacker-y like the body. But I would be surprised to look inside the body builder’s brain and see a squishy teddy bear inside. Anyway, that is sort of what it feels like to pass by these cars. Sort of like that.