picture of October 21, 2020

Today is October 21, 2020. Did you know that? It is Wednesday.

I did not take the picture of this shiny metal door today. I took it sometime in September. It just seemed mirror-like, and today is the day of reflection of the day itself. And it’s the day of reflection for time in general, I guess.

Today, the numbers are not as good as I would like them. October, that’s a 10. Okay, maybe that’s pretty good: 10/10. Maybe October is attractive, but October is not hot, at least not in any of the places I’ve lived. Or maybe October is a 10 out of 100. That seems low, but it’s also 10%. 10% can be a good thing sometimes.

Then we have a 21. 21 makes me think 2 becoming a 1. That seems kind of sad and lonely. What happened to the 2? Or maybe it means 1 has become independent. I don’t know the context enough to judge. Or maybe it means 7 x 3. That seems sort of lonely, too. Prime. Amazon Prime. Optimus Prime. 21 is kind of a big number when I break it up into 7 and 3.

I feel the overwhelming crush of things bigger than I can understand. Maybe we should slow down at a certain rate so we can better keep up with all the objects and stories being made in this world. I still have to read all the books in the world. I know this is not possible. It is just a fantasy I had right now.

I said that 2020 was going to be the best year I have ever experienced because I like the number 2. Do you know what? It is not the best year I have ever experienced in a television sitcom kind of way. It is a very cinematic year, however. Maybe I should be careful for what I wish for, although I never wished anything about 2020. My prediction right now, in October 21, 2020, is that 2021 will have some clarity. 2020 is about a lack of clarity, maybe, after eras of delusion.

Who knows? All I know is it’s October 21, 2020.